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Marketing Suite for Financial Institutions With Demand for Keeping Their Data In-House

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Data analytics in Banking

Operating in a highly competitive market means that you need comprehensive information to make data-driven decisions. Unfortunately, in such a legally restricted industry like finance and banking, collecting, analyzing and taking action on data becomes a sensitive subject.

That’s why banks and other financial institutions require extremely reliable and secure analytics and marketing solutions, those that will provide:

  • Web analytics technology that is fully compliant with national and international privacy laws, including GDPR
  • Additional measures for data security and privacy
  • Secure processes for management of all marketing tags with no reliance on manual IT work
  • A way to track users’ activity on e-banking applications and pages hidden after login forms without compromising data security and user privacy
  • Various data storage options including a safe on-premises environment and your own data center

See how Piwik PRO addresses the needs of the finance and banking industry:

Privacy Compliance

Privacy Compliance

Using a combination of On-Premises Web Analytics, Tag Manager and Personalization you’ll be able to acquire valuable data from your users and then take action on it without passing any information to a third party. What’s more, Piwik PRO Marketing Stack was designed to adhere to strict data protection laws in the US, the EU, China, and Russia, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . That’s why with PPMS you will always respect your users’ privacy.

Our approach to data has been recognized by leading data privacy organizations including: the ULD of Germany, the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand, and France’s CNIL.

Enterprise-level onboarding and support

Enterprise-level onboarding and support

With Piwik PRO Marketing Suite you will always receive enterprise-level training and support. You can also choose from a range of service levels agreements and gain certainty that all the issues will be resolved quickly and effectively.

With Piwik PRO Marketing Suite you get not only valuable insights into your users behavior, but also useful tools that enable you to put your data to work.

Integrated Marketing Tools

Integrated Marketing Tools

Take advantage of the combined forces of security-friendly Tag Manager, Analytics, Customer Data Platform and Personalization. Collect valuable data about your users and activate it to serve your audience with highly personalized content.

Web Analytics Security


To meet the demands of such a data-sensitive industry, Piwik PRO Marketing Suite offers additional solutions for enhanced data security, such as:

  • Full access control – Configure your infrastructure according to internal security policies and gain full control of who can access the data in your platform.
  • Audit Logs – Receive detailed logs of all activity within the platform. Easily monitor and review login attempts, password updates, modification of the instance settings, and any API requests.
  • Single Sign On – Manage all your users in a central database and use SSO (Single Sign On) for logging into Piwik PRO Marketing Suite using LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), or other enterprise standards.
  • Highly secure servers – Store your Marketing Suite in the location that complies with your internal security policies in addition to national and international laws. With Piwik PRO you can always choose ISO27001 certified data centres (US/EU), or go for even safer options – reliable Piwik PRO Marketing Suite on-premises data center, third-party servers or your own infrastructure.
Data integration and platform customization

Data integration and platform customization

Pass the data collected by external systems to Piwik PRO Marketing Suite to enrich your reports or create well-targeted personalized content. You can also take advantage of our API and SQL access to raw data, allowing you to integrate web analytics data with your business intelligence tools including Microsoft BI, Tableau and Looker. Use our customization and integration services in order to tailor the platform to your particular use cases.

Intranet Analytics

Intranet Analytics

Take advantage of a tool designed to help you maximize team cooperation. For example, use intranet analytics to detect the weakest links in your digital workspace (sites that are virtually unusable or hard to find) or to identify the most engaged employees with the biggest impact on your organisation. Even better, you can do all that without compromising the security of your employees’ data.

At Piwik PRO we strongly believe that knowledge obtained by collecting web analytics data should be used in as many ways as possible:

Promoting your premier banking service to the right audience

Promoting your premier banking service to the right audience

Let’s imagine that your client has $50,000 in their account and that makes them qualified for the premier checking account with additional benefits. Using content personalization you’ll be able to generate a personalized pop-up informing your client about a special offer and convince them to apply for it.

That makes your marketing efforts much more effective, as you are able to differentiate your offer and personally connect with your audience. At the same time you can boost your revenue without spending tens of thousand dollars on advertising campaigns.

Analyzing user behaviour in your e-banking system

Analyzing user behaviour in your e-banking system

As a financial institution you probably want to collect and analyze masses of data about your customers – including information about usage of your e-banking services. But at the same time you don’t want to jeopardize your legal compliance by sharing sensitive data with third parties.

That’s why keeping your web analytics data on-premises might be a perfect solution for you. By storing data on your own infrastructure:

  • Gain full control over your data and the ways it will be used.
  • Customers’ privacy is protected and your company complies with strict security and privacy regulations.
  • Avoid the risk of data breaches.

Increasing the number of credit applications

Your client arrives at your website, visits the credits subpage several times and uses the credit calculator available on that address. He never finishes sending an application though. But thanks to the data collected by your web analytics tools you know, that the user:

  • Is your customer (because he was logged into the system),
  • Haven’t applied for any credit in the last days.

Using this knowledge and Personalization, next time he visits your website you can serve him the banner inviting them to finish the application and outlining the benefits of your offer.

Get in touch with our experts and see how Piwik PRO Marketing Suite can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the finance and banking industry.

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