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As an organization of public trust, you need a reliable technology partner to help you collect data in a secure manner so that you can optimize your website users’ engagement while remaining compliant with complex international privacy regulations.

Piwik PRO delivers competitive Web Analytics and Intranet Analytics for government organizations to help them deliver high-level services, streamline their processes, and inspire trust in their citizens by utilizing a product that treats user data with care – storing it on secure servers and ensuring full ownership of the data.

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada

The Government of the Netherlands

Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand

The European Commision

The ULD of Germany

France’s CNIL

We commit to:

Compliance with privacy laws

With Piwik PRO your web analytics setup remains in full compliance with the most rigid EU, US, Chinese, and Russian data protection laws. On top of that, we relentlessly keep track of the European Commission’s work on the new GDPR regulation to ensure that our clients comply with the upcoming changes in legislation.


Piwik PRO is an open source platform. As such, it is heavily based on the principles of transparency: everyone with the necessary knowledge is able to see the source code and verify how the data is being collected and used. Open source software should therefore be a standard in the government sector.


Piwik PRO Web Analytics helps you track your website’s visitors when, for legal reasons, you cannot use cookies, or when a user has deleted cookies. By default, Piwik PRO computes a fingerprint of a device based on such clues as IP address, browser and OS versions, and browser-installed plugins. It uses these variables to identify visitors and give you a fuller picture of how they interact with the website, even when cookies fail.

Hassle-free installation and configuration

Avoid the hassle of new implementation with a platform that installs easily by inserting a single JavaScript snippet in your website without interfering with its user experience. Thanks to a robust Javascript API and a REST API, Piwik PRO integrates seamlessly with your IT systems. What’s more, you don’t have to handle the deployment on your own – experienced project coordinators will help you make sure the deployment process goes as smooth as possible.

Enterprise-grade performance

Piwik PRO is highly scalable. Gain enterprise-level system stability with a product capable of handling high volumes of data. As a client, you receive 24/7 performance and backup consistency monitoring and a Service Level Agreement that guarantees quick reaction times protecting the accuracy of your data and instant incident handling.

User-friendly UI

We strongly believe that great usability doesn’t have to stand in opposition to advanced functionalities. That’s why we’ve built our product to be clear and intuitive. The platform offers localized UI together with a customizable dashboard and reports which let you decide what data you will see. Configuring reports is easy – select the data that is most relevant to you and present it in the most meaningful context. Gain a deeper understanding of your users and their behavior.

100% data ownership

Piwik PRO stands for respect for privacy. As our client you retain full control of the data you collect, which is a prerequisite to complying with privacy regulations. So it’s you and only you who decides about access rights to your web analytics logs and reports, and you have the only say on how the data is used.

Cloud hosting options

Piwik PRO Cloud matches up to its On-premises version. It delivers the same security standards and is being considered more and more often by governmental organizations as a go-to privacy compliant web analytics platform. When choosing cloud hosting, you either host the solution in your private cloud, or on our cloud platform where data is kept securely in ISO27001-certified data centres in the EU or in the US – the choice is yours. Regardless of the hosting model, you maintain full data ownership so that you can stay in control of the data you handle.

Security and access control

On top of delivering reliable hosting, to further facilitate meeting the security requirements of your organization, Piwik PRO offers your organization centralized user management. As a large organization you need multiple user profiles. You can stay on top of access rights by granting permissions to access reports at an individual or a group level.

To give you greater control of who has access to your user data, the platform allows integrations with your SSO (Single Sign-On) mechanisms such as LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to simplify and secure access to the platform while fighting phishing attacks.

User-level reporting

Deepen your insights with Web Analytics and Intranet Analytics that give you unmatched granularity of reporting. The tools let you segment and break down user behavior at various levels of granularity, or even to map your data to specific users. These findings allow you not only to improve the UX of your website and streamline processes for your stakeholders, but also to detect potential malicious activities on your website. In the case of Intranet Analytics, this functionality gives you valuable insights into how your employees make use of the digital workspace.

Enterprise-level support

Every Piwik PRO Client is assigned a dedicated Project Coordinator who is accountable for the project throughout its lifetime. Save time and resources by tapping into our expertise. Your Project Coordinator will be available by e-mail and phone to answer questions, provide guidance, and advise on best practises for using the platform. If needed, your Project Coordinator will also visit you at your premises to help you fully utilize the platform.

Ensure compliance with international privacy laws

Given the severity of the consequences of data leaks and failure to meet demanding privacy standards, you need to ensure that you adhere to privacy laws, regardless of the hosting model you choose.

Piwik PRO Web Analytics offers two types of hosting: On-Premises and Cloud. Both of them ensure top data security standards. Hosting any platform on your infrastructure guarantees you full control of user data. If you opt for the Cloud version, as our client your sign a Data Processing Agreement required to comply with EU privacy regulations.

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to come into force in May 2018 will introduce tighter rules concerning data collection, storage, and handling.

Piwik PRO supports you in ensuring visitors’ privacy and honoring the Data Subject Rights enshrined in GDPR:

  • the right of accesses by the data subject
  • the right to rectification
  • the right to erasure, also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’
  • the right to restrict processing
  • the right to data portability

To find out more about how our product helps you adhere to the new EU legislation, click here.

Tap into Piwik PRO Tag Manager for greater autonomy, cost-efficiency, and security:

Piwik PRO Web Analytics is delivered with a Tag Manager integration. This powerful tool empowers your organization to easily track additional events and capture more data from your website to enhance analytics reports without the involvement of an IT department. Government organizations tend to have complex websites. Piwik PRO Tag Manager lets you easily deploy and manage your tracking tags across hundreds of websites while remaining in control of your data.

The tool facilitates managing a vast array of tags, which puts marketers in control of the tags deployed on their websites. What’s more, it empowers them to autonomously remove unused tags and keep track of the ones that are being fired. Fewer tags and clearer insight into their deployment leads to better site security and performance, and protects organizations against data losses, violations of user privacy regulations, and 3rd-party piggybacking. Hosting the Piwik PRO Tag Manager on your own infrastructure, in a private cloud, or on our secure servers in the US or Germany helps you adhere to privacy regulations. On top of sitting in a secure environment, the tool aids you in ensuring that your visitors’ privacy choices are respected. It takes just a single click to create a global Opt-out page and enable it for every tag you’ve configured. It is equally easy to respect a Do Not Track header for all your marketing tags and tools. In summary, using a Tag Manager leads to optimization of marketing activities, increased security, and reduced IT support costs. It also facilitates compliance with privacy laws.

Government of

They were very professional and delivered within budget and time frames. The resulting implementation is perfectly integrated with our web environment both in terms of look and function. Our users have been very impressed with our Piwik-based web analytics solution. That level of integration would not have been possible with any other solution…

Étienne Beaulé Chief
Application Platforms, Government of Canada

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