A Marketing Suite for Media Agencies Requiring Full Compliance With International Data Privacy Laws, Including GDPR and HIPAA

As a media agency you’re responsible for maximizing the ROI of your campaigns, building fruitful relationships with your clients, and maintaining their reliance on your services.

To do all this, you need a technology partner that will allow you to take on the growing demands of the fast-paced digital world. You need a marketing suite that will:

  • provide tracking and marketing tools that are fully compliant with international data privacy laws, including GDPR and HIPAA.
  • enable you to easily and quickly deploy and manage hundreds of marketing tags across various websites and domains.
  • help you create sophisticated user segments based on the past behavior of your clients’ customers and retarget those segments via different DSP and Ad Networks.
  • combine data to create an accurate visualisation of the user journey and granular single customer profiles.
  • provide your clients and in-house marketers with friendly but powerful marketing tools allowing them to perform marketing activities from A to Z.
  • access large volumes of raw data and export them to third-party BI tools where you can create visually attractive custom reports for your customers.
  • perform conversion attribution across different marketing channels and campaigns.

See what makes the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite a valuable tool for media agencies:

Full data-privacy compliance

Choose a solution whose approach to data has been recognized by leading data privacy experts around the globe, including France’s CNIL, the Privacy Commissioner of New Zealand and the ULD of Germany.

Data hosting of your choice

With Piwik PRO Marketing Suite you are certain that all the data collected by your marketing tools is stored safely. Host it on your infrastructure, in your private cloud, or go for our Cloud version. If you decide to use our Cloud service, you can choose to store your data in one of our ISO27001 certified data centres, located either in the EU or the US.

Full data ownership

Benefit from 100% data ownership. With the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite information collected by your tools is never shared with any third party, and you retain complete control of your data.


Thanks to the advanced security measures applied to our Marketing Suite you don’t need to worry about adhering to local privacy laws of the countries you or your clients operate in – no matter whether it’s the US, EU, China or Russia. What’s more, we keep track of changes in legislation to make sure you’re fully compliant with international laws, including HIPAA and the new EU regulation, GDPR.

Enterprise-level support

With the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite you can always depend on enterprise-level support from our team and a dedicated project coordinator who will provide professional guidance and advice on best practices in the platform’s usage.

As our client you also receive 24/7 performance and backup consistency monitoring and an SLA (Service Level Agreement) guaranteeing quick reaction times in case of any issues with our platform.

All-in-one Marketing Suite

Complete Case Study

Find out more about the customizations done for Spotzer

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The Piwik PRO Marketing Suite can be used in numerous other ways as well:

Customized reporting and data visualization

Benefit from using a web analytics solution that doesn’t use data sampling and provides access to raw data through our robust REST API or direct SQL access. Use Piwik PRO raw data to create an accurate visualisation of every step of the customer journey with Tableau, Looker, and Power BI. Report to your clients using eye-pleasing diagrams and charts illustrating the effectiveness of every marketing channel you’re exploiting to generate sales and increase their online exposure.

Attribution models

Don’t rely on last-click conversion results. Optimize your marketing budget with accurate attribution modeling reports. Compare the contribution of each marketing channel and spend on the ones that provide you with the biggest return on investment.

Get in touch and see how you can use the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite to meet the specific needs of the media and advertising industries.