Piwik PRO vs. Google Analytics & Google Analytics 360

Benieuwd hoe Piwik PRO het doet tegen Google Analytics en Google Analytics 360? Vergelijk meer dan 100 van de belangrijkste functies om er achter te komen welke beter bij de behoefte van uw organisatie past:

Google Analytics Google Analytics 360 Piwik PRO
General overview
Privacy and security compliance
Product capabilities
Customer care
Price free
(up to 10 million hits per month)

(starts at $150K)

Check our pricing
Hosting options
Private cloud
On-premises (self-hosted)
Analytics - data collection flexibility
Custom dimensions
Limit of properties / websites 50 properties 50 properties + unlimited
Standard JavaScript tags and mobile SDKs
Data processing & connectivity
Data freshness 24 - 48 hours 4 hours guaranteed under an SLA 30 min
Data sampling automatic sampling for more than 500k sessions per month automatic sampling for more than 100M sessions per month none by default
Access to raw data via BigQuery via API, BigQuery, CSV export
BigQuery raw data export
Access to historical raw data
Reporting API
Integrations with popular BI and data visualization software (e.g. Tableau, Power BI) limited to an aggregated data
Reporting features & integrations
Standard reporting for web and mobile apps
Cross-property roll-up reporting (metasites)
Ability to process personal data and PII (including sensitive data) only encrypted PII allowed (min. SHA256) only encrypted PII allowed (min. SHA256) non-encrypted and encrypted PII allowed
Legally compliant tracking of secure member areas
Funnel reporting basic advanced advanced
User flow reporting
Detailed session log
User-level reporting
Technology reporting (devices, OS, browsers)
Site speed reports
Location report
Site search report
Detailed acquisition channel reporting
Goal conversion reports
E-commerce tracking
Content tracking
Downloads report
Outlink report
Network domain and service provider dimensions
Custom reports
Detailed real-time reporting
Custom dashboards
Pie chart widget
Bar chart widget
Timeline widget
Table widget
Counter widget
Advanced segmentation and data filtering
Content grouping
Reports scheduling and distribution
Report alerts based on changes in metric values
Sharing reports and dashboards with your team
Dedicated solution for tracking SharePoint
Integrated customer data platform
(through integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud)

(through integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud)
Search Console integration
Google Ads integration
Data import through a CSV file
(user-level data to a CDP)
A/B testing integration


(tag templates from external tools)
Analytics – data anonymization
Advanced data anonymization
Zero-identity tracking
Possibility to link personal & anonymous data
Data ownership & privacy
100% data ownership
Data shared with third parties your data is shared with DoubleClick, Google Ads clients and other Google products your data is shared with DoubleClick, Google Ads clients and other Google products
Local data residency
GDPR compliance by default
LGPD compliance by default
CCPA compliance by default
Data backups and redundancy
Integrated consent manager (with data subject requests management)
Suitable for industries handling sensitive data: banking, governments, telecoms and healthcare
Tag manager
Tag manager variables
Test & debug mode
Tag configuration import/export
Workspaces for concurrent tagging projects
Privacy features (opt-out & opt-in)
Zero cookie load
Adjusting fired tags to visitor's privacy preferences
Integration with consent manager
Integration with customer data platform
Customer care & SLA
Self-service help center
Community forum
Live chat support
Email support
Dedicated support specialist
Dedicated customer success specialist
Personalized implementation & onboarding
Personalized product training
Analytics consulting
Custom integrations & development
SLA 99% uptime
Data security
Full server redundancy
ISO 27001 certified data centers
SOC 2 certified data centers
HIPAA compliance
External security audits
SAML integration only with GSuite Enterprise only with GSuite Enterprise
User access management
Number of user accounts 100 unlimited unlimited

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