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februari 14, 2018

5.5.0 Release

Platform Changes NewMajor Integration with external SAML 2.0 identity providers and single logout mechanism. IMPROVEMENTMinor Support for self-signed certificates. FixMinor Fixed expired session detection in Settings Panel. Application Changes Analytics FixMinor Updated detected devices list. NewMinor Introduced intranet mode (all outgoing connections disabled). FixMajor Fixed problems with insights widgets. IMPROVEMENTMinorVisitor Log performance improvements. Tag Manager […]

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december 11, 2017

5.4.0 Release

Platform Changes IMPROVEMENTMinor Product bar compatibility with Internet Explorer 11. NewMajor Mobile SDK for iOS and Android released. Users can now: integrate with the Analytics and monitor mobile app traffic; integrate with the Audience Manager and create better profiles – enriched with data from mobile applications. Application Changes Analytics NewMinor Responsive product bar, which supports […]

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november 16, 2017

Version 5

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oktober 20, 2017

5.3.0 Release

Platform Changes NEWMajor Password reset functionality. ImprovementMinor Ability to search and sort Users and Websites lists in Settings added. Application Changes Tag Manager FixMinor Problems with multiplicity fixed. NewMinor Data activation templates for AdWords and Facebook that allow you to activate audiences created in Piwik PRO Marketing Suite. Personalization FixMinor Bugfixes and improvements with A/B […]

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september 18, 2017

5.2.0 Release

Platform Changes NEWMajor Support for 2FA via Google authenticator. User will need to add QR code from the sign-in screen to the authenticator. From that moment on, the user will have to use the password and then provide the current authenticator code to log in to the PPMS instance. ImprovementMinor Redesign of the product bar. […]

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augustus 23, 2017

5.1.0 Release

New Applications Personalization Personalization is a new application that allows users to show targeted pop-ups to visitors based on what page they’re viewing, where they come from, how they’re interacting with your campaigns, and more. Piwik PRO users are now able to take behavior personalization to a whole new level with Personalization.

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juli 18, 2017

5.0.1 Release

Platform Changes NEWMajor Opt-out screen. PPMS now provides users with a simple choice to opt out of being tracked by websites and platforms they visit. Application Changes Tag Manager NewMinor Several new tag templates added: PP Event tracking; PP Virtual Page View; Google DoubleClick; AdRoll; Bing Ads; Google Optimize; Hot Jar; A/B Tasty; SalesForce & […]

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juni 13, 2017

5.0.0 Release

Platform Changes NEW SSO (Single Sign-On). PPMS features a unified account, user management and permissions for both Analytics and Tag Manager. As a result the website now acts like a container – i.e. creating a website results in adding a website in all sub-apps Application Changes Analytics Improvement Premium features compatibility with Piwik 3.x. Tag […]

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